Superintendent Dr. Adrianne Burden

Hello My Name Is...

Adrianne Burden


My name is Adrianne Burden and I am so happy to be charged with steering the pirate ship!

My husband is amazing, he puts up with all my crazy ideas and makes sure that our 3 children have everything they need and most everything they want.

I am certified to teach EC-12 special education. I have taught nearly every subject and grade in either the public or private school setting and have coached multiple sports. I completed a masters degree in educational administration and then earned a superintendent certification. I rounded out my time as a student by completing my doctoral degree.

As the leader of the district I have had the opportunity to learn an enormous amount of what it takes to run an entire school; discipline, time managements, consistency and passion are just a few of the main points. Leading mentoring students and students is a gift that few are called to have. I truly believe that this is my calling. I am confident that my knowledge of the school system and my involvement in education in the public and private school setting is an asset to the district. I have been given the responsibility to learn multiple roles and I am thankful for the opportunity to learn about how to help students, staff and community members loves kids and be successful citizens. 

My family and I are devoted to Priddy and will work to make sure that each student and staff is loved and is successful in every way possible. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the team!

                              GO PIRATES AND LADY PIRATES!!!