Community and Student Engagement

Community and Student Engagement

There are new provisions in Texas Education Code 39.0545 of House Bill 5 that require school districts to evaluate their district and each of their campuses for community and student engagement and assign a rating. Districts must assign a performance rating of exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable to the district and each campus, based on locally-determined criteria. 


The planning and feedback process produced rubrics for our campus in Priddy ISD. Performance Measures were created and stated in question form. Performance Measures describe the manner in which the district engages community and students. The Criteria identify the performance of the district and each campus by assigning a rating level of unacceptable, acceptable, recognized, and exemplary.

A summary of Community and Student Engagement Local Accountability System ratings may be accessed at the link found below

The criteria used for Digital Learning:

  • Number of students completing coherent CTE courses
  • Number of students completing college credit courses
  • Number of students successfully entering the workforce
  • College and career fairs
  • Credit recovery programs
  • College and career days
  • Higher Ed Scholarship recipients
  • First generation college students
  • 1:1 device program
  • WiFi capability

The criteria used for Community and Parental Involvement

  • Signed graduation plans
  • Extracurricular events attendance
  • Usability of district webpage/facebook/social media
  • Number of opportunities to highlight student success

The criteria used for Wellness and Physical Educaton

  • Number of students participating in UIL events
  • Student participation at local, state and national events
  • Participation from community for school events
  • Cafeteria offerings and quality
  • Health screenings on campus
  • Student participation in school breakfast/lunch program

More information related to Community and Student Engagement Accountability may be accessed at the Texas Education Agency’s website: 


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